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16 April 2007 @ 12:25 pm

Yeah so today i woke up and decided to check the status of my applications to all the Universities i have applied to . Namely the three local Uni's and UWA in Perth and Monash in Melbourne. 

Guess what i have been offered a place in Monash and im super happy, in fact overjoyed and possibly speechless. However, it also reminds me of the uncertainties of my other applications since i did not do as well as i aspired to. Well , i guess its really up to God but i do really hope to get a place in NTU business course since the program is really good and its EQUIS accredited . Actually what my cousin said is true, the awaiting and knowing of one's A'level results is quite scary and traumatizing. Sometimes i know that i day-dream about stuff concerning my studies in Uni and it kind of affects my whole day. To me results is really everything and from my really horrendous results, it seems that the whole world has stopped revolving. 

Oh well but all this feelings are gone when i'm having practical lessons, the rush of driving on the road is really quite soothing and possibly therapeutic. I know it sounds really bizarre, but driving just takes stuff off my mind. 

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20 March 2007 @ 10:01 pm
Hello, please support my friend, Guo You as he is taking part in the painting of selected postboxes.VOTE for his postbox at www.stamp.sg , post box no. cd-13. In doing so you are enthusiastic about the art scene in singapore. !! yays!!  
13 March 2007 @ 09:16 pm
well the 'A' levels came and went , however the feelings and all sort of emotions that came along with the examination remains. My results were not as good as i had expected , despite putting in more effort for the real thing compared to the prelims, i did quite badly. In retrospect , maybe i should have been more focused and not too caught up with princess hours for the month of november. Maybe i should have realised that the impact of receiving such 'A' level results were going to be painful and even haunting.... 

However there is a time for everyone of us to move on and indeed i have , only after a few days of " grieving" ... in particular for Gp which i put in a hundred dollars for MOE to carry out a post- mortem . I wanted to do so for physics too , but the fee charged for 'a' level subjects were just too much.. anyway i have applied for both SMU and NTU and in doing so decided to apply for Monash University in Melbourne( in case i don't get the choice i want in the local U) . I'm really hoping that my parents will allow me to study in Melbourne, the experience would be a whole lot different from a local U education and besides the people- students and teachers one would meet might be more out going.
Oh well the experience from receiving not -too-good  results have really taught me something valuable - and that is to  look and search for things you are passionate about in life and God will open  his doors for you. In fact my faith in God has really grown and i thank God for his provisions .    
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13 February 2007 @ 12:34 pm
So its chinese new year for us this weekend.. looking at the huge amount of goodies all set out for family and friends in the living room and dining area brought back good memories of the past CNY celebrations . I really  do enjoy the moments of fun  not because of the chinese new year goodies and ang pow, but the reunion dinner and the company by relatives and friends!! Its the time of the year when we get together playing black jack ...placing bets ( although it sounds like a gambling den but its not) and daring each other to do or say silly things to relatives. This year, being a little adventurous, my sis and i decided to try out some recipes, and hence made green pea cookies although it does not sound too appetizing but it really is... i swear. And yes we tried pineapples hedgehogs.. though i must admit that  the first few turned out like mangled deformed animals. But  on the other hand , we  got the hang of making them look  appealing and  more importantly... edible.It was indeed tiring but on the bright side a little fuifilling cos we got to eat the piping hot little hedgehogs.   
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05 February 2007 @ 05:36 pm
yeah so its feb now and chinese new year is coming but so are the A 'levels results . Feeling very nervous right now although nothing much can be done. So to take away all the un-easiness i have been watching lots of soaps like grey's anatomy and desperate housewives although i feel fairly ashamed to be mentioning the latter. In which it brings me to my point that i have been bumping around and i seriously need to look for a job to occupy more of my time . But knowing that i;m extremely fussy - and yes i stree EXTREMELY , i have not found one which i have taken an interest to. Okie and so i question whether i'm just being too fussy or stuff have not been working out  well for me. Actually  the more i think of it the more irritated i  get,seriously.... the majority of shopowners and employers i have asked require one to work for at least two years ...seriously... . And this  i doubt i can commit  such an agenda  when i  enter  Uni . So i'm hoping against hope that i  would find a job soon !!  
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20 January 2007 @ 10:04 am
Anyway the weather in Singapore  has decided to take a change for the better i guess. But i really miss those rainy days , cos its nice to stay home and watch lots of Tv and  because its really cold , you have to use a shawl or something. Now its just extremly sweltering and definitely horrid. It also means that its a good time to swim and yes; get a tan ..basically. this is something trivial which i posted so don't mind.

So my mom just celebrated her 50th with a big bash . Her friends and cousins were a fun bunch of aunties and uncles. ( let me just stress that they are fun and not like any ordinary adults) . Despite many being  40 and above , they seem pretty cool and fun to poke around with. The  " forever 21- Birthday Bash " celebration was at this really delicious place in Telok Ayer Street, Andres- wine and dine, and i would recommend this place. The ambience was fantastic and the food was positively perfect. The owners Herman and Jacintha were friendly and they made the party cum gathering a smash. okie so here comes the promotion part. Go to ANDRES... its good!!! 

Back to the preparation part, my sis and I decided to prepare door gifts and so we bought roses and trimmed the thorns and other spare leaves and  mind you, this took a long time.  Also, we decided to bake cookies and write funny , tacky fortunes for everybody. -- Fortune cookies( really fun!!) Some fortunes were really ridiculous, but then again,  its an activity which must be done at least once in a lifetime.
16 January 2007 @ 11:07 am
So well i guess i have switched to live journel officially. Anway the year started out great. Having a class outing with the fabulous people in my class of cos . Also ,met up with a few girs to have a very long chat and to re-discover some new things.. well old things and news that were scandalous , but i NEVER knew at all. So it just goes to show that i'm very blur when it comes to such touchy subjects. Well i just celebrated my birthday which went quite well considering the fact that i had a yummy-licious lunch with my cousin and oh well a not so bad dinner. Although i might post a warning to never ever return to the doors of '' Vienna International '' in United Square. The food there was actually not too bad , but it was the people there. As described by my dad, whom by the way is not one of the most expressive person that i know , the people ate like prisoners who were just released from like a 20 year jail term. For heaven's sake and to cry out loud , it was just a really bad advice and decision made. Oh well , i have already vowed to avoid that place for the rest of my life, so it still gives me great comfort. On the other hand, my cake was not too bad itself. But i did not take any pictures at all boo-hoo.  
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